Bio: Alexandra Kennedy de Garcia is the owner of Kennedy Immigration Law BCS and a licensed United States attorney. Alexandra’s passion for immigration started at a young age. As the granddaughter of Italian and Czech immigrants, she grew up with an understanding of the importance of traveling the world and learning other cultures while also being very aware of the struggles that immigrants face when coming to the United States. Alexandra’s grandmother received political asylum in the United States, learned English, and even attended law school where she was one of two women in the entire school. Unfortunately, she did not finish law school, but her influence was Alexandra's motivation to attend law school and become an immigration attorney. These experiences coupled with growing up in Florida around many Latin American immigrants drove Alexandra to learn Spanish and dedicate her career to the advancement of Latinos in the United States by utilizing the immigration system. Alexandra is a graduate of Seattle University School of Law and practiced immigration law in Seattle, Washington for four years. In the US, Alexandra's practice included complex removal ("deportation") defense litigation, family-based petitions, consular processing waiver applications, visas for immigration victims of crimes, and administrative and federal court appeals. Alexandra has won many cases before the Board of Immigration Appeals and argued before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The Kennedy Immigration Law Firm BCS was born of Alexandra's passion for immigrants and desire to reunite families who have been seperated due to the complex immigration laws of the US.

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